Are you the family member or friend of a loved one and wish you had a closer relationship with your LGBT loved one?

Fishing Family by Hernan Pinera

Perhaps you weren’t so accepting or even tolerant of your LGBT loved one when they first came out to you.  Perhaps your LGBTIQ loved one or friend has never felt comfortable enough with themselves or with their relationship with you to even disclose to you they are gay.

But you know.  And you want a more authentic, open relationship with him or her.  Even if emotionally, you still are somewhat uncomfortable and even if you have no idea where to begin.

I offer coaching services for family members and friends of loved ones who want to heal the gap between where they are today in their relationship with their LGBTIQ loved one and where they want to be.

And I also help LGBTIQ persons who are ready to take the next step to a more authentic relationship with family.

Let me help you get the ball rolling…

Congratulations on taking this courageous step!  After all the USA is still deeply divided about LGBT people.  Almost half of the country believes gay people should stay in the closet or they see gay people just being themselves as ‘flaunting’ their ‘lifestyle’.

And this deep divide is usually reflected in each of our families.

Some in our country are even more extreme in their beliefs, thinking gay people need treatment or, goddess forbid they have been led to believe LGBT people would bring god’s wrath on them, so they literally think LGBT people need to be changed to straight or killed.

So, your evolution personally on this issue will save lives. Literally!  And, most important of all, the life you could save is your LGBT loved one.

The rejection an LGBT person
feels by loved ones especially,
is very corrosive to their health.

So it’s important you start today, to heal the gap and come closer to your LGBT loved one.  Sometimes you must be the one to take the first step.  Why?  Because gay people have normal fears of being rejected.

Click here for your initial consult to explore what you need to begin closing the gap!


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