Hello!  And welcome to my playground.

I say playground because I love what I do and to me it doesn’t feel like work.  When I am working with my clients, I do all I can to make it a fun process because learning and growing is just easier that way.

So…When you join me here, I want you to enjoy the process, even as you are doing some incredible work, whether that be…

  • Becoming a better – however you define it – manager, company owner, parent, partner, person
  • Growing your business
  • Grieving the loss or illness of your pet
  • Preventing burnout and turnover by creating a more caring workplace environment for your employees
  • Joining me and other couples at an amazing relationship enhancement, improvement or rejuvenation retreat
  • Getting emotionally healthier
  • Living your best midlife
  • Preparing for an amazing retirement
  • Living happily during retirement
  • And much, much more

Here are some of the POWERFUL ways I can support you in creating the life experiences and success you desire:



Self employment success

Management and Organizational Consulting

Specialized coaching for pet owners and veterinary practices

Want to hire me for any of the above services?  Set a complimentary, private phone consult with me to discuss.