You CAN make your life more like you want (and need) it to be!  I can help.  I’ve been a coach for almost 15 years now.  My how time flies when you are having fun!

My initial professional coach training occurred (and continues) with Coachville.  I’ve also trained with Marion Franklin at The Life Coaching Group in Tarrytown, New York.

Because I have a strong interest in relationships, I’ve also studied extensively the fields of relationship and date coaching, including earning my singles coach certification at the Relationship Coaching Institute in Campbell, California and I completed matchmaking training with The Matchmaking Institute in New York, New York.

I also bring my decades of experience as a psychotherapist to my work with coaching clients.  This includes over 20 years as a licensed clinical social worker (many of them in private practice) and thousands of hours treating clients and advancing and refining my areas of expertise and skill through continuing education.  Ask any non-behaviorally health trained life coach, this expertise is invaluable to one’s work as a coach!

I am passionate about and experienced in coaching clients on the following topics:

  • Life Legacy/Purpose, Deep Engagement in Life (YOU are on the leading edge of YOUR life, personally and professionally – and you desire a guide.)
  • Optimized YOU (Finding your optimal emotional state. Perfect if you are so engaged in life and/or work that you are burning out and need to learn to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.)
  • Alignment with Your Highest Self (Who is he/she?  Why is she here?  Building a closer relationship with your highest self.  Exploring and creating your unique spiritual expression and sharing it authentically and courageously in the world.)
  • Full OUT Living for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals (LGBT’s) and Loved Ones.  Yes, LGBT and marriage equality has brought us far.  However, many of us still must live amongst those in our families and workplaces who don’t see – or treat us – as equals.  I can help you still live your happiest/healthiest life regardless of these circumstances.
  • Midlife Metamorphosis – Midlife for many of us IS a major life transition.  It’s time to ‘rebirth’ ourselves to the old us that is stale, bored, dead, etc.  As a result, you are faced with a choice: adapt or shrivel.  I’ve navigated my own midlife transition and I can help you too. Authenticity isn’t easy in our world.  Don’t go it alone, whether you are seeking major or minor change.  Make wise decisions for yourself, balance head and heart as you consider life realms (such as job/career, relationship, spirituality health concerns, etc.)
  • Retirement, Re-imagined.  Retirement is evolving.  I spent 10 years living amongst the newly retired and aging in place retired in Florida.  I worked with many clients in this phase of life. The bottom line is that for many retirement is not a panacea or a paradise, but there are ways to make it so.  You can spend your ‘golden years’ healthy, happy and wealthy and based on my knowledge and past work with the retired, I can advise you in planning for your retirement and living it well.
  • Chronic Illness/End of Life/Dying Well – I worked as a psychotherapist for years in nursing homes and assisted living counseling people at the end of their lives and I worked with dozens of family members and spouses who went through the process with their dying loved ones as well.  I offered specialized services for caretakers and taught classes on coping with caregiver’s syndrome.  Lastly, I especially like helping people plan a life celebration – instead of a funeral – for their loved ones!
  • Pet Loss Coaching – I bring decades of experience in mental health and EAP to provide emotional support for veterinary clinic staff and doctors and pet owners.
  • Healthy, Happiness and Wealth – Regardless of what is happening around you, this triad needs to hum for you to live your life to the fullest.  Set up an initial discussion with me to learn how I will coach you improve these three critical aspects of our life!

It’s easy to begin.  Just click here for your complimentary initial assessment where I will talk with you about your challenges and goals and I will then make a recommendation.

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