I grew up without a dog but other pets like turtles, frogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.  I have lived with cats too but tend to be allergic to them.

Later on I experienced living with a dog and I’ve never looked back.  I fell more in love with dogs through owning and caring for many (including old and sick ones) and volunteering at various shelters and rescue agencies.

Currently, through rescue adoption, I own nine year old Lucy, my miniature pinscher.  Lucy has worked with me for years in my therapy and coaching practices.

Lucy and I have completed specialized training in pet-assisted therapy.  It goes without saying that Lucy and I have a very special bond.  She has greatly enhanced my effectiveness in the work I do and she has made tons of friends over the years.  Her oldest client so far was 104!

Barb Elgin and her good friend Little Lady Lucy
Barb Elgin and her good friend Little Lady Lucy

In the course of working with shelters and visiting vets for the care of my own pets over the years, I’ve found that pet owners, veterinary clinic staff, and veterinarians tend not to have much in the way of any professional assistance when it comes to coping with pet illness and pet loss.


Like any helping field, when care takers of animals don’t have a safe, structured and supportive place to go to ‘vent’ and process the normal feelings of stress and grief that inevitably arise while treating and caring for the animals, these feelings can go unacknowledged and unexpressed, leading to more serious physical and/or emotional problems later on.

You do your staff a great service by offering this support. What a great employee benefit as well.  The most forward-thinking veterinarians are even starting to offer telephone and on-site coaching for pet owners as well.

If you are a vet or vet practice and you are interested in incorporating this type of helping resource for your customers and/or staff, please click on the link below to set up a consult to explore.


Your animal(s) are just like family to you.  This means that you have feelings and emotional reactions to their sickness and death very similar to the feelings you have for your human loved ones.


I offer convenient coaching sessions via phone or video to help you deal with these important concerns.  Most clients only need a session or so to feel much, much better.

Just click here for your initial consult.

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